Young Mothers

Supporting Maternal and Child Health
Maternal Health Services
Prenatal and Postnatal Care: Comprehensive care during and after pregnancy, including health check-ups, nutritional advice, and breastfeeding support.

Infant Care:

Monitoring infants’ growth and development to ensure they are healthy and thriving.
Parenting Workshops

Childcare Training:

Classes on child development, effective parenting techniques, and creating a nurturing home environment.

Support Networks:

Building networks for young mothers to share experiences and support each other.
Counseling and Mental Health Support

Therapy Sessions:

Professional mental health support to help young mothers cope with stress, depression, and other challenges.
Support Groups:

Emotional support groups where young mothers can connect and share their stories.
Educational Support

Continuing Education:

Assistance with continuing education, including GED programs, vocational training, and higher education opportunities.
Career Counseling:

Guidance on career options, job search assistance, and preparation for employment.
Resource Provision

Essential Supplies:

Distribution of diapers, baby formula, clothing, and other necessities to support young mothers and their children.