About Us

Our Mission

Valid Dream is an innovative organization
committed to providing holistic support, guidance and resources to individuals who inject drugs, those who use drugs and young mothers in Uasin Gishu County.

 Our approach is characterized by professionalism, compassion and a deep understanding of the diverse needs of our community members.

At Valid Dream, our mission is to promote health, dignity and empowerment for all individuals we serve. Through a comprehensive array of services, including harm reduction initiatives, substance use support, maternal and child health services and community outreach and education, we strive to dismantle barriers, combat stigma and foster a nurturing environment where everyone can flourish.

Our Services

Behavioral Interventions

Utilizing evidence-based strategies to deliver behavioral interventions tailored to the unique needs of each individual.

Peer Education and Outreach: Engaging community members as peer educators to provide support, guidance and education on health-related issues.

Promotion, Demonstration and Distribution of male and female condoms: Encouraging safer sexual practices through the promotion and distribution of condoms.

Provision of Information, Education and Communication material: Offering educational materials to enhance knowledge and awareness of health-related topics.

Risk Assessment and Counseling: Conducting personalized risk assessments and providing counseling services to mitigate potential harms.

Prevention Counseling: Offering counseling sessions focused on preventing the onset or progression of health-related issues.

Addiction Counseling: Providing specialized counseling to address substance use disorders and support individuals in their journey towards recovery.

Health Education Sessions: Conducting educational sessions on various health topics to empower individuals to make informed decisions.

Support Groups: Facilitating support groups to foster a sense of community and provide emotional support to individuals facing similar challenges.

Biomedical Interventions

Implementing biomedical interventions aimed at preventing and treating various health conditions.

HIV Testing and Counseling: Offering voluntary HIV testing and counseling services to promote early detection and linkage to care.

Anti-retroviral Therapy (PEP): Providing access to antiretroviral therapy for individuals exposed to HIV to prevent infection.

Needle and Syringe Program: Distributing sterile needles and syringes to reduce the risk of bloodborne infections among injecting drug users.

TB Screening and Referral for Treatment: Conducting tuberculosis screening and facilitating access to treatment for those diagnosed with TB. 

Medically Assisted Therapy Referral and Follow-up: Referring individuals to medically assisted therapy programs and providing ongoing support and follow-up care. 

Comprehensive Sexual and Reproductive Health Services: Offering a range of services, including family planning, prenatal care and STI screening and treatment. 

Viral Hepatitis Screening, Vaccination and Treatment: Screening for viral hepatitis, providing vaccination where appropriate and facilitating access to treatment.

Management of Minor Ailments: Providing basic medical care for minor ailments to improve overall
health and well-being.