Young Sex Workers

Health, Safety, and Empowerment

Health Services

Sexual and Reproductive Health:

STI testing, contraception, and gynecological care to ensure the sexual health of young sex workers.

General Health Care:

Regular check-ups and treatments for a variety of health issues.
Safety Resources.

Personal Safety Training:

Training on personal safety strategies to reduce the risks associated with sex work.

Safety Kits:

Providing condoms, lubricants, and emergency contact information.
Legal Assistance

Legal Advice:

Information on legal rights and resources available to sex workers.


Assistance with legal representation and navigating the legal system.
Counseling and Support

Trauma-Informed Counseling: Support for dealing with trauma, abuse, and mental health issues.

Substance Use Counseling:

Help for those struggling with substance use, including strategies for harm reduction and recovery.
Empowerment Programs

Alternative Careers: Training and education programs to provide new job opportunities and career paths.

Financial Literacy: Workshops on managing finances, budgeting, and saving.

Personal Development:
Programs to boost self-esteem, confidence, and personal growth.